Noxious weeds are controlled by several means including clipping, spraying and proper seed mixes to compete with the noxious weeds.  Normally proper control includes a mix of all of these processes, completed in a three to five year program.

We have developed a seed mix that can be utilized in several cases for maximum competition with noxious weed species.  It also can be used as low maintenance turf, an erosion control mix and swale mix.

To address the chemical portion of the treatment process, we carry a wide selection of herbicides & pesticides to meet the toughest weed & pest control problems for both professional and homeowner applications.

We carry products for commercial, agriculture, industrial & forestry applications as well as “ready -to - use” chemicals for homeowners without having the need to measure and mix and no clean-up of spray equipment afterward.

 Pineview Horticultural Services, Inc

Liquid Herbicides


2, 4-D Amine 4 - selective broadleaf herbicide used in commercial agriculture and turf                 applications.

Banvel - selective broadleaf herbicide for use on select agricultural crops and turf              grasses.

Casoron CS - pre-emergent herbicide for use on broadleaf weeds and grasses.


Confront - broad spectrum broadleaf weed killer used on established turf grasses.


Crossbow - low volatile weed & brush control herbicide.


Curtail - selective herbicide used in crop & non-crop & commercial turf applications.


Garlon 3A - controls woody plants & weeds in non-crop and landscape applications.


Hi Dep -  broadleaf herbicide for use on select crops & turf grasses.


Horsepower  - selective herbicide for control of broadleaf weeds in lawn & turf grasses.


KleenUp Pro  - Non-selective herbicide


Mec Amine D  - selective herbicide for weed control in turf grasses.


Milestone  - herbicide to control certain woody plants & weeds on pasture, rangeland &              forest applications.


OUST XP  - pre-emergent herbicide for industrial & forestry applications.


Pendulum 3.3 EC  - pre-emergent herbicide to control annual weeds & grasses.


Pramital 25E  - for total vegetative control of hard-to-kill weeds in commercial & industrial              non-crop areas.

QuickPro by Roundup  - non-selective herbicide for control of weeds, grasses, woody               plants & trees.


Rifle  - selective herbicide for  control of weeds in turf grasses & select agricultural crops.


Roundup ProMax - complete broad-spectrum post emergent professional herbicide for              non-crop, industrial, turf & weed control.


Surflan A.S. - selective pre-emergent herbicide control to certain broadleaf weeds &              annual grasses in landscape ornamentals, tree plantations & non-cropland.


OutPost 22K - herbicide to control noxious, invasive, or other broadleaf weeds & listed              woody plants in pastures, non-cropland, forest planting site & industrial areas.


Tordon 22K - herbicide to control noxious, invasive, or other broadleaf weeds & listed              woody plants in pastures, non-cropland, forest planting site & industrial areas.


Velpar DF - a general granular herbicide controlling many annual & biennial broadleaf              weeds & woody plants in select crops, forest and industrial areas, pasture & non-             croplands.


Weedar 64 - (2, 4-D Amine Weed Killer) controls broadleaf weeds in cereal grains and   other              select crops, turf, non-crop areas and certain aquatic applications.


Weedmaster - selective post emergent herbicide for controlling a wide spectrum of              annual, biennial and perennial broadleaf weeds and brush in grass forage & select              row crops.


Granular Herbicides


Casoron 4G - granular pre-emergent herbicide used in non-crop industrial and               landscaping applications.


Dimension 270G - granular pre-emergent herbicide for turf & landscape applications.


Pramital 5PS  - pelleted herbicide for total vegetative control of weeds in non– crop land              areas.


Ronstar G  - selective pre-emergent granular herbicide for control of annual grasses &               broadleaf weeds in turf and woody ornamental shrubs, vines & trees.


Simazine 90 - pre-emergent herbicide to control a wide variety of annual broadleaf              weeds & grasses in agricultural crops.


Snapshot 2.5TG - selective pre-emergent herbicide control to certain broadleaf weeds &              annual grasses in landscape ornamentals, tree plantations & non-cropland.



Cutrine - Plus - for use in lakes - portable water reservoirs, farms, fish & industrial ponds,              crop & non-crop irrigation.


Daconil Zn - flowable fungicide for control of turf and ornamental diseases.


Ensign - excellent disease control agent for controlling a broad spectrum of plant              diseases.


Navigate - selective herbicide to control certain aquatic plants.


Reward  - landscape & aquatic herbicide for use in commercial greenhouses & nurseries.



Activator 90 - low foaming, non-ionic spreader, adjuvant.  Activator 90 provides quick

             wetting, more uniform distribution & increased retention of spray.


Spreader 90 - alcohol free, non-ionic surfactant to help even distribution of herbicide/             insecticide/fertilizer.


Respond 3 - is a liquid soil surfactant is a specially formulated concentrate designed              specifically for the turf grass industry to help water penetrate into areas with water              repellant soil.


Fighter-F 10 - Anti foaming - Defoamer.  Mix in tank to eliminate foaming of herbicide/             fertilizer/insecticide for accurate measurement of tank mix.



Remuda Plus - Non-selective herbicide, controls all types of weeds and grasses including              certain woody plants.


Remuda Full Strength - Non-selective post-emergent herbicide to use in unplanted              areas,    around trees and shrubs, flower beds, etc.


Spurge Power - Broadleaf weed control for lawns that controls Spurge, Dandelion, Oxalis,              Creeping Charlie, Clover and other broadleaf weeds.


Weed Whacker - A concentrate economical 3-way herbicide for use on cool & warm              season turf as well as non-crop areas.


Grass Getter - Use for post-emergent control.  A selective grass killer for weed control over              the top of bedding plants, ornamentals, groundcovers, shrubs, and vegetables.


Vegetable & Ornamental Weeder - A pre-emergent herbicide for the control of grasses              and broadleaf weeds in vegetables, trees, shrubs, flowers, roses, rock gardens and              groundcovers.


Herbicide Soap - Fast acting weed algae and moss killer won’t stain bricks, concrete or              asphalt.


Vegetable Garden Soil Insecticide - Season long control of soil insects in vegetable              gardens and flower beds.


Monterey Turf & Ornamental Insect Spray - liquid ready-to-spray bifenthrin controls              insects in trees, shrubs, roses, flowers, lawns and other landscape plantings.


Monterey Garden Insect Spray - the newest agricultural chemistry to be introduced              into the homeowner market.  A bacterial product produced by fermentation.  Can be              used on outdoor ornamentals, lawns, vegetables, fruit trees, etc.


Monterey Neem Oil RTU - New ready-to-use (RTU) formulation for organic gardening.              Has both insecticidal and fungicide properties for control of black spot, powdery              mildew, rust, spider mites, aphids, whiteflies and more.  For use on roses, flowers,              houseplants, ornamental trees and shrubs, fruit and nut trees and vegetables.


Monterey Once A Year Insect Control II - This insecticide is used as a soil drench              on ornamental trees, shrubs, and certain fruit and nut trees.


All Natural 3-1 Insect Spray - Made from 100% naturally occurring materials. Can be              used to control mites, diseases and insects at all stages of growth.  For use on              ornamentals and edible plants up to the day before harvest.  In concentrate & RTU


Agri-Fos Systemic Fungicide - For the effective control of phytophthora diseases              associated with Sudden Oak Death (S.O.D.), downy mildew, phytophthroa and              pythium and other root rot diseases in ornamentals and bedding plants and pythium in              turf.


Fruit Tree, Vegetable and Ornamental Fungicide - A broad spectrum fungicide to              be used prior to the appearance of disease.


Liqui-Cop - Liquid copper fungicide spray for disease prevention on fruit trees, nut crops,              citrus vegetables and ornamentals.


Sluggo - Snail and slug control at its best.  An alternative to traditional slug and snail baits.               Sluggo contains iron phosphate and can be used around pets and wildlife.


Floral Brand Growth Regulator -  Prevents fruit formation on Apple, Buckeye, Carob,              Crabapple, Elm, and many more.


Herbicide Helper - This spreader / penetrant is used with herbicides to make them work              better and faster.  Use with Grass Getter, Nutgrass ‘Nihilator, Remuda, Roundup, and              other herbicides for better weed control.


Deadeye - Earth friendly, Made with vinegar.  Available in concentrate and RTU



Deer & Rabbit Repellent - Original Formula - A unique blend of premium              ingredients– this product offers maximum protection at the best cost.  It is made with              dried bloodmeal, the most effective odor deterrent on the market.  It’s predator-like              smell keeps nibbling pests out of your lawn & garden lasting 3 times longer than              traditional repellents.  Available in concentrate or “ready-to-use” (RTU)


Fruit & Vegetable Organic Animal Repellent - Developed especially for use on fruit              and vegetable crops– this product is “one-of-a-kind”.  Made with food grade              ingredients, it is safe to spray on crops until the day of harvest.  Available in              concentrate or RTU


Mole, Vole, Gopher Repellent - Providing maximum protection against burrowing   pests             – Repellex Mole, Vole, Gopher products are the clear choice for your lawn and              garden.  A high concentration of active ingredients and the ability to penetrate soil              surfaces makes these products fast-acting and long-lasting.



Repellex - Systemic Animal Repellent  - Animal repellent for landscape plants and              Non-edible crops.  It deters animals such as deer, rabbits, field mice, voles, moles,              gophers, dogs and cats from feeding on all parts of the plants.  The active ingredient is              capsaicin, a concentrated extract of hot chili peppers that is absorbed through the              roots into the plant.  Since it cannot be washed off of the plant, it should not be applied              to crops intended for consumption.


                Other Repellex products available upon request.

Monterey Lawn & Garden



Acephate 97WP -  used in select agricultural crop and industrial applications.


Bisect L -  used on lawns and landscaping.


Carbaryl 4L -  intended for agricultural and commercial use.


Covert - for use on commercial & industrial turf and landscaping.


Malathion 57% - used on lawns, gardens and crops.


Tengard SFR - commercial use on turf and landscaping.